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TPD finds drug stash house at home invasion site

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TPD finds drug stash house at home invasion site

By Craig Smith. CREATED Nov 14, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It was a home invasion that brought gunfire and a swarm of police to a southeast Tucson neighborhood.
Now we know drugs----and a lot of them---probably fueled the confrontation.
Police say what happened at the home near Irvington and Camino Seco looks like criminal versus criminal but law abiding neighbors have a chance to head off the sort of trouble that happened there.

When a home invasion sent Tucson Police rushing to the house, one man was shot, a woman was running through the neighborhood begging for help.
Once police checked in the house they questioned whether the invasion victims were innocent victims.

Officers say they found:
---Two hundred pounds of marijuana.
---Two pounds of powdered cocaine
---Prescription drugs like Oxycodone and Percoset
---nine guns and 25 thousand in cash.
Carole Kraft says when new neighbors moved into that house three years ago, trouble moved in too.

"There's been a lot of dicey activity.  There have been too many cars there; loud parties, I know my neighbor and I have woken up in the night and heard shots."
Officers say 33 year old Deanna Balda was living in that house.  Once officers looked inside, she went from home invasion victim, to a drug suspect under arrest.
Police say you can keep yourself safer if you let them know something seems shady in your neighborhood.

Sergeant Chris Widmer says, "And if you don't let us know, something like this can happen in your neighborhood. Someone could hit the wrong house. Shots could be fired, which are aimed for the specific house but go to other houses in the neighborhood."
Police are still looking for the home invaders.  The man from the house is not charged---yet.  Police will wait until he's ready to leave the hospital.

Craig Smith

Craig Smith

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Craig enjoys using innovative writing and visuals to make difficult stories easier to understand. As a newsroom manager at KGUN 9, Craig was part of the team that won three best newscast awards from Arizona Associated Press