'She was passed out'; 16 year-old helps stop careening bus with unconscious driver

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'She was passed out'; 16 year-old helps stop careening bus with unconscious driver

By Maggie Vespa. CREATED Nov 8, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Picture this.

You're on a bus packed with passengers and a driver who is unconscious!

That frightening scene played out Thursday night near Kolb and Stella.
Thankfully one very brave,  very young woman came to the rescue.
She knew what to do because she'd someone lose control like that before.
"I didn't know, like, what was going on," said 16 year-old Carolyn Turk.
In a moment when you have no power, it was a level of composure that would escape most adults.
"She started kind of swerving toward the middle of the street," she said.  "I got up to see what was going on.  She was just like laying on the steering wheel.  She was just passed out."
Turk said, "I just started screaming 'She had a seizure!  She had a seizure!'"
Other, older, passengers came running, but Turk's job wasn't finished.
"One of the passengers on the bus; he was like 'You need to take the wheel, and I'm going to pull her out.'"
Finally, mid-intersection, everyone jumped out.  Carolyn called 9-1-1as one man went back to stop the bus.
"She just was frantic and crying," said Anita Turk, Carolyn's mom.
She is shocked by her daughter's story but not her bravery.
Just last week Anita suffered a seizure with her daughter by her side.
She now believes that emergency had a purpose.
"This tragedy at home prepared her for greatness," she said.  "It prepared her to help someone else, not only just the driver but 15 other people who had to go home to their families.  So I'm very, very proud of her."
First responders and reps from Sun Tran won't say what caused the driver to pass out.  They simply say she had a medical emergency.  More importantly, they say she is doing okay.
They say they are grateful Carolyn and the other passengers were there.