Taking a tour of Tucson's most elaborate homes

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Taking a tour of Tucson's most elaborate homes

By Justin Schecker. CREATED Nov 8, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Unless you're one of the lucky owners, you see them everyday from afar, perched in the foothills and overlooking the city.

They are Tucson's most elaborate homes. 

With its waterfalls, work-out room and wine cellars, the first home 9 On Your Side visited feels more like an oasis in the desert.  

"This is really the best of Tucson where we're standing right now," said Patty Howard from the Foothills Long Realty office.           

The home blends in with its backdrop.

"This window frames spectacular mountain views and beautiful saguaro," Howard said.

And offers the owner a great amount of outdoor space to entertain at a pool-side patio.  

"This owner has had a party with hundreds of people and have said to us we could fit a few hundred more," Howard said.

Inside the five-car garage, there's a Ferrari convertible that doesn't come with the home, but Howard told 9 On Your Side everything in the home is negotiable for the right price.  

"We've sold a lot of big expensive houses and so many of them feel like museum pieces," Howard said. "This one every room you walk into you can actually picture living in it."

If you're not waking up in this master bedroom, there's also a magnificent guest house.

"You called it a guest house, I think it's a fun house, you never want to leave," said Martha Briggs of the Oro Valley Long Realty office. 

The 19-hundred square foot "fun house" features a full kitchen and bar. 

"And here you have a commercial grade wine room," Howard said. "What's so spectacular about this is its on its own system to maintain the appropriate temperature."

Between the smaller cellar in the main house and larger one in the guest house, the home hold space for three thousand bottles of win. 

"A true wine aficionado would be thrilled to have this," Howard said. 

If you're not a wine lover, but still looking to blow off some steam, the second home 9 On Your Side toured may be more in line with your expectations for elaborate. 

"The beauty of this room is that it can be an enclosed pool, but as you can see the windows open and they open automatically," said Gordon Yarrigton of the River/Campbell Long Realty office. "it is really an indoor or outdoor situation."        

When not resting and relaxing in the quarter million dollar spa, another highlight is this state of the art home theater.      

From the move room, you can also check out a spectacular view of the Catalina Mountains. 

"And the owners really chose to enhance and remodel this particular house because of this view," Yarrington said.   

With their premiere views and pristine pools, its easy to see why these are two of Tucson's most elaborate homes.          

The list price for the first house with the wine cellars is almost $2.9 million. The second home with the indoor/outdoor spa is valued at close to $3.5 million.