Crooks target 11-year-old boy's motocross bike on day of race

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Crooks target 11-year-old boy's motocross bike on day of race

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Oct 28, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The Nichols family drove into town for a motocross race last weekend. It was supposed to be 11-year-old James' first race ever. Instead thieves snatched his motorcycle and shattered a dream years in the making.

"I heard my dad say that my bike was gone and my stomach just dropped," said James Nichols.

It's not the way the Nichols thought their trip to Tucson would go, but a thief or thieves struck the Hyatt Place near Tucson's airport.

"When we walked out you could see the tears well up in his eyes," said James' mom, Jacquie Nichols.  "His whole world seemed to end in that moment."

"It's his first race," said his father Denver Nichols. "Should be the most memorable once for him."

But it'd be memorable for all the wrong reasons. It was early morning and still dark on the day of the motocross race.

"They cut this tie strap, cut that tie strap, cut this lock and then this lock," said Denver.

The orange and black 2005 KTM 65SX was gone. It was stolen from the back of this pickup truck. You could see the tire tracks where someone rolled it away.

"I couldn't believe someone would take that from a kid," said James.

James never got the chance to race at MC Motorsports Park Sunday. Years of buildup and practice atop his motocross bike, just waiting for that trip to Tucson ended in disappointment. He never even got to rev his engine.

"I just want to race," said James.

Problem is without that bike, he doesn't know when his next, his first race will be.

"Just bring the bike back," said Denver. "Just give it back to the kid."

If you've seen that motocross bike or know who may have stolen it, call the Tucson Police Department.