Halloween costume: Sexy sells at any age

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Halloween costume: Sexy sells at any age

By Valerie Cavazos. CREATED Oct 28, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- It's that time of year for kids to dress up and indulge in make believe.

But some of the costumes we've seen this year leave little to the imagination.

At Party City -- sexy sells at any age. Less -- in this case -- is more  -- popular with teens and tweens.

The length of the skirts "get shorter every year," said manger Adrian Osuna.

And some parents, like Lisa Miller, are taken aback. "I don't like them. They're too sexy for my daughter."

And even some young adults find this inappropriate -- for young girls.

26-year-old Kristina Perdomo said, "It's just not kid-like. They're just making it like they're growing up too fast."

Monster High is hot and Disney characters are no longer just cute.

KGUN9 asked Perdoma,"Would your mother have allowed you to wear these costumes when you were a tween?" She answered,  "Never. Never. Not costumes. Not regular clothes."

But stores are stocked with the sexy stuff,  because parents are buying. "But it's Halloween - everyone wants to dress up. It's one day -- do it. That's fine," said Osuna.

Not for Lisa though -- she's shopping for her daughter, who requested this American Dream costume.

"They don't have it -- thank god. So I'm very lucky they don't have it. I'll choose whatever I want. That's the good thing," she said.

But what happens when halloween hits -- and students head to school?

KGUN9 asked Basis Head of Schools Julia Toews, "What happens if they show up to school in these costumes?"
"Well, we'll be waiting for them." said Toews.

The option for Basis students -- either go home and change into something more appropriate or the school has it covered.

"They offer a nice prairie skirt like this. Or we have some oversized leftover science shirts which are lovely," she said.

But it's not just the girls. The skin suits that are popular with boys are also a bit revealing.

I had a customer in the dressing room try one on -- and it showed a lot," said Spirit Halloween manager Jason Pierce. But parents are the one's buying.

The Sunnyside district doesn't allow costumes at most of their middle schools. In Amphi, they will adhere to the school code so some of these sexier costumes won't get through the doors. The bottom line - parents should check with their schools to find out what's allowed.