Nine-year-old designs "Blurred Lines" Halloween light show

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Nine-year-old designs "Blurred Lines" Halloween light show

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Oct 11, 2013

CORONA DE TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - It's eye catching and chances are, it's going to make you dance. Daniel Lumbarkovski's house is back.

"As a group we're pretty nuts about Halloween," said Lumbarkovski.

This time he decked out his house in October to a little song, you've probably heard before: Blurred Lines.

"I think it's pretty insane that he does this every holiday," said David Gourley. "I really like the flamethrower.

Yes, there's a flamethrower. Just one of the many surprises you'll find at the house. Flashing lights and talking skulls, but the biggest surprise of all.

"This whole thing is built by a 9-year-old," said Nixon Lumbarkovski.

Nixon is the mastermind behind the light show. He wanted to improve his dad's last light show he made for Christmas. That one was to the popular song Gangnam Style.

So out with the sexy ladies and in with the "hey, hey, heys".

"They probably think it's amazing," said Nixon.

It's 116 channels of lights, flash and music.

"It's nice to have it cause on Halloween you have a little entertainment show," said Gourley.

They want you to get up and come on by.

"Probably on Halloween this whole street will be packed," said Gourley.

The show will be on most nights until 9 p.m. The Lumbarkovskis are accepting canned food and monetary donations for the Greater Vail Community Food Bank.