Bad jump leaves 20-year-old man paralyzed

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Bad jump leaves 20-year-old man paralyzed

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Sep 25, 2013

PHOENIX (KGUN9-TV) - A night of crazy flips and acrobatic moves. Blake Haines was like many of people at Get Air, a Tucson trampoline park, until a triple flip flipped his world upside down.

"I got pretty high," said Blake. "Rotating pretty fast and I just remember landing. My head jerked back, and I heard a snap."

That snap changed Blake's life. He fractured a vertebrae in his neck, largely paralyzing him from the neck down.

"It's been tough," said Bart Haines, Blake's father. "You hurt for your children."

Blake's plans put on hold. He'd been hired by Bombardier Aerospace. He was set to work as a mechanic for the Air National Guard. But now his focus for the next eight weeks is intense rehab at Phoenix's Barrow Neurological Institute.

"I want to be pushed as hard as I can," said Blake. "Both physically and mentally."

Blake knows it won't be easy.

"Everyday it's an up and down," said Blake.

But he told 9OYS Wednesday that it's his friends, family and faith that give him strength.

"This isn't going to be him walking out tomorrow," said Bart. "It's a long process. We know that. We're here for him."

"That means everything," said Blake.

The people at Get Air, where the accident happened, still think of him too.

"We just hope he can make a quick recovery and everything will be ok with him," said Patti

For now though, Blake's bound to wheels. His sense of humor still there though. He says it's hard for dad to keep up, but looks to the day they can walk together again.

"I've heard stories about people coming in worse than me and walking out," said Blake.

And one day he knows it'll be him.

And 9OYS wishes him all the best throughout his recovery. 9OYS asked Blake and his father about safety at these trampoline parks. He told me they come with inherent risks and people just need to be extra careful. The family is asking for donations and most importantly your prayers. If you want to help the family with money or send Blake a card, a note, anything at all the information is below.

The family also has a Facebook page set up here.

(Please note, the first address is for cards/personal gifts, the second address is to help with medical expenses.)

Bart & Kim Haines
P.O. Box 126
McNeal, AZ 85617

If you send a monetary gift, please mark it as a PERSONAL GIFT. This would just be a love gift, and not tax deductible.

Here's the address is you want to send something for MEDICAL EXPENSES: (Please indicate gift is for Blake Haines Medical.)

Calvary Chapel Sierra Vista
1155 E. Wilcox Dr.
Sierra Vista AZ 85635

Calvary Chapel, Bart and Kim's church in Sierra Vista, has agreed to handle donations for Blake. They can issue a receipt for charitable donations.

Thank you so much for standing behind the Haines family in this hard time!