Police: Masked men hold up trio of gas stations, terrorize clerks

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Police: Masked men hold up trio of gas stations, terrorize clerks

By Maggie Vespa. CREATED Sep 17, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - They were three gas stations, hit by two gun-toting thugs in one hour.

Sunday night Tucson police tracked a trio of armed robberies carried out, they say, by the same masked men.
9OYS spoke via phone to one of the clerks held up that night.
They didn't want to identify themselves or their employer but said the ordeal was terrifying.
The masked men pointed a gun in their face, finger on the trigger, screamed at them to get down and shut up.  They then threatened to shoot them in the head.
They, like the employees at the other stations, say unfortunately it's just a risk you assume in this line of work.
Back to back to back, they hit one right after the other.
Police say two masked men, seen here in these surveillance photos, hit up three gas stations all in a matter of minutes.
"One addressed the clerk, demanded money," said Sergeant Chris Widmer.  "The other went behind the counter to grab cigarettes, liquor."
Widmer says the first call came in just after 11 Sunday night from a Circle K near Speedway and Camino Seco.
Half an hour later, they hit a Quik Mart near 5th and Swan, and just before midnight, it was strike three- another Circle K near Fort Lowell and Dodge.
Police won't say just how much money the robbers made off with Sunday night, except that it wasn't very much.
"What you have is people that are desperate for a little bit of money for a little bit of product," said Sgt. Widmer.
It's a point that, police say, could send these perps searching for a new target at nearby homes.
Neighbors say it's a scary thought.
"It makes me feel nervous because I live close and I don't want anything happening," said Melinda Cowle.
"It's ridiculous," said Tracy Butler.  "Something's got to be done about these kids running amuck."
Unfortunately, gas station and convenience store workers say it's a fear they are forced to come to terms with, which is why they have a strict protocol in place.
"Hopefully it doensn't happen," said Alex Magid, who works at a Tucson convenience store.  "I will just give him what he wants and let him go you know.  Let him go.  It's not worth it."
A hypothetical hazard that, Sunday night, turned to real-life terror for three innocent clerks.