Palominas pummeled, district postpones first day of school

Palominas pummeled, district postpones first day of school

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Aug 5, 2013

PALOMINAS, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) -The first day of school -- cancelled. For some, it's a kid's dream delay. That's how it played out in Palominas after overnight storms ravaged area roads, making a monsoon mess.

"It was pretty intense. Around 2 a.m., it was pretty bad. I had my windows open so my pictures started falling off," Hereford resident Demi Lugo said.

"All you could hear was the lightening and the thunder. I was pretty scared," she continued.

Damage so destructive, it prompted Palominas School District officials to cancel the first day of school. The move affected the 1,100 students who make up the district's three schools; Coronado, Valley View and Palominas Elementary.

"It's fairly unusual but with the weather it's hard to tell what will happen," Superintendent Dr. Steve Poling said.

"It made it unsafe for students, families and staff," he continued.

The storm and the subsequent damage didn't come without warning. Valley View Elementary is covered with sandbags, which Poling says, are just barely keeping water out.

Four weeks ago, flooding damaged about half of the school's classrooms. According to Poling, the school has been closed for the last three weeks.

"We've really struggled with the rain this season. We had some flooding here at Valley View a few weeks ago and just barely got the school ready in time," Poling added.

Poling says school will be back in session on Tuesday. District officials say the missed school day will be made up at some point during the 2013-2014 school year.