Barber, Border Patrol chime in on Palominas wash problem

Courtesy: Marie Boston

Barber, Border Patrol chime in on Palominas wash problem

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Jul 29, 2013

PALOMINAS, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - Longtime Palominas resident, Lissa Howe says she would not consider asking for federal aid when it comes to fixing their residential wash, if not for one major detail.

"The is the border land, " Howe says, as she points to the open area.

Five years ago, construction crews working on the border fence built the cement wash in order to move heavy equipment through.  Up until then, residents say they could maintain the road on their own.

Nearly three weeks ago, that all changed when heavy monsoon storms destroyed the only way in and out of South Paloma Trail, a public easement.

Now, neighbors say, they are literally picking up the pieces.

"I don't think that any resident here has the engineering skill to even really know how to maintain it," Howe added.

Congressman Ron Barber is chiming in on the problem wash. In a statement released to 9OYS he says, "I am very concerned about the serious access problem faced by the residents and we are exploring potential solutions. We will continue to work with the Border Patrol and the county to find options that might be available for improvements and to restore access for the residents."

United States Customs and Border Patrol issued a similar sentiment saying, "Although the Border Patrol does not own or maintain the Paloma Trail road, we are communicating with area stakeholders and other partners to determine what support we can legally offer in a joint effort that may lead to an acceptable resolution."

Nine On Your Side showed the statements to Howe. 

"Do you think that's sufficient?," 9OYS's Cory Marshall asked.

"I would like to hear, specifically, what is being done, " she said.