Redington Pass trashed, hikers and campers outraged

Redington Pass trashed, hikers and campers outraged

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Jul 15, 2013

CORONADO NATIONAL FOREST, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - It is the dirty little secret tucked away within the Coronado National Forest and it has both campers and hikers outraged.

Boulders sheathed in spray paint, litter and broken glass make up the dirt landscape -- Forest Service officials say vandalism is a growing problem along Redington Pass.

"I don't enjoy seeing stuff like that. It's not fair to everybody else who does, like we do, pack in our own stuff [and] pack out," hiker Kurt Adams told 9OYS.

"It's been frustrating the last couple years. It's gotten worse and worse. It's been a progressive problem around here," another nearby hiker added.

Just in January, crews cleaned much of the same mess, temporarily closed certain spots along the pass. Officials uncovered garbage, shotgun shells and checked for soil contamination.

"Periodically, you know people will go up there and trash up the place. That's just a fact. It is again, very unfortunate," Coronado National Forest spokesperson Heidi Schewel said.

"We are looking at managing the area in the future. Into next year, we are working on a comprehensive management plan. Looking at what to do, what people want to do at Redington pass, what are the issues that are out there; such as graffiti," Schewel continued.

Forest Service officials hope to add more patrols in the area. Meantime, Schewel says Redington Pass is not the only problem spot. Crews are currently tending to garbage and graffiti on Mount Lemmon as well.