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Hot dog: Protecting your pet from triple-digit temperatures

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Hot dog: Protecting your pet from triple-digit temperatures

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Jun 28, 2013

TUCSON(KGUN9-TV) - No, you are not hallucinating. It really is that hot! When the mercury soars in Southern Arizona people tend to stay inside to keep cool -- it's common sense.

"We do live in an extreme. We live in the desert and as result we have to take extra precaution to protect our animals," Veterinarian Dr. Kayla Boyer said.

"Heat stroke, we think of that as occurring when a dog is locked in the car but the truth is it can happen right out in your backyard," Boyer continued.

Vets see it all the time and Nine On Your Side saw it firsthand too. Within an hour of driving around our crews spotted five different dogs in different backyards, outside in the heat with little shade and no water in sight.

"Are you getting neighbors calling in saying, 'hey my neighbors dog is out there. He doesn't have shade. He doesn't have water,'" Nine On Your Side's Cory Marshall asked Pima County Animal Care Center Enforcement Officer Steve Montano.

"This time of year we get those calls all the time. All of those calls are priorities and we need to get those animals before they die," Montano said.

You think the backyard is hot? Try the black top! During the summer, the asphalt can reach a scorching 170 degree. Vets say pets often come in with blisters and sores on their paws.

"We treat it very frequently at this hospital," Boyer added.