Marana report raises more questions about near-drowning

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Marana report raises more questions about near-drowning

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Jun 27, 2013

MARANA, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - Shauna Harris remembers June 2nd at the pool well. It's the day a boy almost drowned.

"The kid was on his way to death's door," said Harris.

So imagine her surprise to read the town of Marana's official report.

"The report is false," said Harris.

It says a parent had to pull the boy out of the water. The town admits that's because it should have had an extra lifeguard on the deck. But after that the report says the lifeguards did their job.

"As far as the actions that they took to ensure the child's safety the report says and we believe they did everything they needed to do," said town spokesman Rodney Campbell.

"They did not know how to respond, they were in a panic state," said Harris.

Harris says the boy was just lying there. The report says it was the grown-ups who "interfered with lifeguards rescue activities."

"It's heartbreaking to hear the report and it says the parents were interfering, but really the lifeguards, they weren't trying to do anything," said Harris.

"We wanted to be very transparent with the public and with the media and let you guys know exactly what we found," said Campbell.

The town says after this close call it's implementing more training, adding more staff and making there's the right number of lifeguards on duty.

"The change sounds encouraging if it happens," said Harris.

But she says, it's hard to trust it will happen when the report isn't 100 percent accurate.

Marana says it will also purchase new first aid equipment to help should this ever happen again, along with publicly posting an emergency action plan at the pool. As far as this report goes, the town says it interviewed lifeguards, spoke to bystanders, witnesses and paramedics, but Harris tells us no one ever contacted her.