Tucson couple celebrates 75 years of marriage

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Tucson couple celebrates 75 years of marriage

By Rikki Mitchell . CREATED Jun 25, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - They met in church in 1936. He thought she was a true gem and was so persistent, she said she would have to marry him just to get rid of him.

The girl finally said "yes" and here they are 75 years later, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert and Jewell Voteau.

Besides good genes, what leads to a marriage lasting this long?

"You say I do, and you do," said Jewell. "And it'll last 75 years."

"We've had a wonderful time," said Elbert. "You get in little disagreements, but we've never gone to bed mad at each other."

The couple lives at the Manor at Midvale Independent Living, who threw a lunch party Tuesday to celebrate their anniversary.

Elbert and Jewell's love produced a daughter, who traveled from Missouri to be with her parents today.

She made them a banner to celebrate their diamond jubilee -- 75 years.

No, the diamonds may not be real -- but their love is. And Elbert knows he has a real Jewell, worth every minute he spent chasing her.

"Being chased is really kinda nice," said Elbert.

The couple took a limo to eat dinner at Red Lobster, and then for a romantic ride around town.

Happy Anniversary, Elbert & Jewel. And thanks for the lesson in love.


Reporter: Guy Atchley. Videographer: Judy Walsh