Pit bull puppy survives massive bee attack

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Pit bull puppy survives massive bee attack

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED Jun 14, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The last time anyone saw 12 week old Mexica. This precious puppy was under attack.

"He was just covered in the bees, you couldn't see his black fur," said Andrew Federico.

The bees swarmed in fury, while Federico tried to save his dog.

"They're ruthless, they just chase after you," said Federico.

They rushed Mexica to Valley Animal Hospital in need of emergency care.

"His face was covered in stingers," said Dr. Lucy Schroth.

Stung more than 300 times. Dr. Schroth and her team went to work. 24 hours later: the long awaited reunion. Andrew and his girlfriend Flosie saw their puppy again. Mexica even rustled for a few seconds at the sound of their voice.

"It's like seeing part of your family again," said Federico.

The 17-pound pup dozed off for the rest of the visit. His recovery not over yet. Doctors say they're watching his muscle tremors and working to reduce swelling all over his body, including his brain.

"He wagged his tail when I came into tonight, so even though his muscles were going crazy he was mentally there," said Dr. Schroth. "He was wagging his tail like a puppy should be."

It's a good sign say doctors.

"He's a trooper," said Flosie.

That proves this pup isn't giving up. It's an experience that's made this family think twice about bees.

"It's changed my perspective on bees," said Flosie. "I've always been one to say just  leave them alone, but no more."

Now she dreads the buzz and longs to hear another tiny bark.

Dr. Schroth says she expects Mexica to survive. This same team of veterinarians at Valley Animal Hospital also saved the dogs involved in a massive bee attack in Sahuarita last April.