How turning left at the intersection gets more complicated

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How turning left at the intersection gets more complicated

By Simone Del Rosario. CREATED Jun 10, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - We may be in Arizona, but the Michigan left turn is coming to Pima County. 

Do you know what that is?

"Not a clue," Annee Sigel said. "A Michigan left turn; stick your arm out?"

"A left turn made in Michigan?" Sam Michel asked.

With a Michigan left turn,  you can't turn left at the intersection. You have to drive through the intersection, make a U-turn, and then turn right at the light. 

Watch the video for a demonstration. 

The county is starting construction to have these turns at the intersection of Ina and Oracle. 

"So, as in no turn arrow to turn onto Oracle?" Michel asked. "I have to make a U-turn, then make a right turn on Oracle? Sounds absurd."

"I don't get that because for me it's really already a bottleneck," Sigel said.

Pima County Department of Transportation said that's the point.

"The delays were considerable. People would back way up on Ina Road and on Oracle," director Priscilla Cornelio explained. "What we're doing, we will eliminate, for the most part, those lines. And reduce the waiting times by 40 percent."

"Well, I think if it's implemented properly it could work," Sigel said.

The Michigan left turn, or as Southern Arizona calls it, "express left," will be at the intersection by September. Starting in September, drivers will also start to see these express left turns on Grant Road.

No lanes will be shut down on Ina and Oracle during construction. 

The project costs $5 million and is paid for by taxpayer money through the Regional Transportation Authority.