Red light camera petition picks up speed

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Red light camera petition picks up speed

By Cory Marshall. CREATED May 27, 2013

TUCSON(KGUN9-TV) - It is a petition to end what many Tucson drivers describe as a traffic light trap.

John Kromko is the man behind the petition. His group, Tucson Traffic Justice, claims the cameras are a scam.

"You shouldn't have drones enforcing the traffic laws," Kromko told 9OYS.

Tucson police stand by the system and the statistics, saying red light cameras are a proven accident reducer.

"In a day of limited resources and not having enough people to cover everything they provide us a tool to do enforcement in those areas where we otherwise wouldn't be able to do," Tucson Police Department Sgt. Steve Culbertson said.

"You got a ticket yourself. Is this part of the reason that you're doing this because you've experienced the frustration firsthand?" Nine On Your Side's Cory Marshall asked Kromko.

"Well, all my life, I've fought against injustice and this is injustice. I'd be doing this even if I hadn't got a ticket," Kromko replied.

Ditching the cameras is not as far-fetched as it may seem. More and more cities are shutting down the system including San Diego, Los Angeles and Tempe.

Kromko says his group has collected more than 7,000 signatures to date. The group needs a total of 12,400 signatures by July 5 in order to get on the November ballot.