Who's the better driver? We put three generations to the test

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Who's the better driver? We put three generations to the test

By Jennifer Waddell. CREATED May 22, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Do not try this at home.  KGUN9 worked with the Tucson Police Department to get a feel for who has the better driving skills.  The question, which generation of drivers fares the best?

We know that traffic accidents and fatalities are a concern in Tucson.  We've had record numbers of pedestrian deaths and countless teen drivers die while driving distracted.

It's why TPD teamed up with us to see just how drivers score when put under a little stress.

Our two teen drivers are Megan Murphy and Heather Koch.  The two parental drivers are Adrian Murphy and Brad Koch.  Our senior drivers are John Huerta and Fred Koch.

We put all of the drivers through three tests.  The first, the perception test, check how quickly the drivers could react to a changing series of lights.  The driver with the best score, teenager Megan.

The second test checked time and accuracy in backing through a course of cones.  Brad, the dad, had the best score on that test.

The third test was on a road course that involved a wet skid pad.  Grandpa Fred got the best score there.

While our results found that each generation had strong points with one person from each generation getting high scores, it's obvious everyone had some soft spots that need to be addressed.

TPD Sgt. Steve Culbertson talked with us about the results, saying the older drivers had slower response times but did better when they could take their time in calculated moves.  The younger drivers were more likely to move quickly and take more risks.

The police academy track is used to train officers but it also doubles as a track for the S.T.A.R.T program which teenagers can sign up for at no charge.  For more information on getting a teen signed up, click here.