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"Somebody's going to jail and it's not me": Former cop facing child porn charges sounds off in audio recordings

"Somebody's going to jail and it's not me": Former cop facing child porn charges sounds off in audio recordings

By Marcelino Benito. CREATED May 14, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - "Answer your phones or your phones are going to be shut off and you're going to be losing your job."

Those are the words of former TPD officer Martin Ward. Exclusive audio recordings obtained by 9OYS of phone threats he allegedly made to his then girlfriend. Here's another:

"Somebody's going to jail and it's not me," Ward is heard saying.

At the time of these recordings, Ward is still a TPD officer. But in July of 2012, things start to spiral out of control. Monday night, 9OYS dug into Ward's TPD personnel records highlighting the night Pima County Sheriff's deputies showed up after his girlfriend called 911. An Internal Affairs report shows Ward was found "extremely intoxicated". He had "taken pills" and was "bleeding from his knees and elbows". He was "tearing the place up".

Tuesday night, 9OYS obtained a recording of the voices inside the home that night.

"Martin your drunk and high on pills, stop, please stop," pleads a woman on the recording. "Please just lay down before you break anymore of my stuff.

"Why do you do this?" pleads a woman. "Because you don't love me," responds Ward. "Martin you put me through hell," adds the woman.

Experts at Emerge, a local shelter for domestic violence and abuse victims, tell 9OYS it's difficult to escape the hellish grasp of domestic violence. It's even harder when that person is in a position of power.

"They may not look abusive," said CEO Ed Mercurio-Sakwa. "But it's when they go home, lock the door that those behaviors come out."

Experts say anyone can be a domestic violence perp. And in Ward's case it included a cop. That former cop sits in jail on child porn charges.

If you know anyone or maybe find yourself in an abusive relationship, it's important to know you can get help. Emerge's crisis hotline is 888-428-0101. For more information on Emerge, click here.