Horse lover, 'Heart of Tucson' founder Judy Glore loses battle with lung cancer

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Horse lover, 'Heart of Tucson' founder Judy Glore loses battle with lung cancer

By Maggie Vespa. CREATED May 12, 2013 - UPDATED: May 13, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - She stood for those who couldn't stand for themselves, sheltering and saving them from a life riddled with cruelty and abuse.

Now, the woman who made it her mission to give each and every horse a loving home, has passed.
Judy Glore, the founder of  Heart of Tucson horse rescue died early Sunday morning, following a months-long battle with lung cancer.
Those who knew her story say the meaning is not lost, that a woman who took in hundreds of horses as her own passed away on Mother's Day.
Many people make their way through life never finding their true passion.
Judy Glore was not one of them.
"They are the reason I get up and come out here and keep going," she told 9OYS in an earlier interview.
9OYS had worked with Judy and her cause before.
The spotlight had never been on her.
That changed in September, 2012, shortly after she was diagnosed.
"It's a little scary because I know I might not have a lot of time," she told reporter Marcelino Benito.
Judy turned to her horses for strength.
"I see the fighting that they've been through," she said.  "They've been through way more than me or a lot of us, and if they can do it, I can do it."
In the months that followed, Judy's health faded, but her determination remained steady.
"It's so good to be home," she said in October, after returning from a long treatment session.  "The air, the feeling that you get from the horses, the love and the kisses... Yeah, wouldn't be anywhere else."
But the tumor soon proved too strong.
Judy Glore lost her battle early Mother's Day morning.
"I got to bond with my mom through here, helping her out working," said her son Sean Isaacks.  
Now he and her husband Mark find her strength in her legacy.
"It's pretty therapeautic.  It's something that my mom loved, and now I see why," he said.
Their goal moving forward, is to keep her memory and mission moving forward, too.
It's something they, and we, know she would have wanted.
In that September interview, Glore told us her wish was " make sure the animals are taken care of and this dream is kept alive because that's made my life worth everything."
Judy's husband Mark is asking for your help in running 'Heart of Tucson'.
You can donate on their website, by clicking here.
Owners of other local horse rescue groups tell us, they plan to pitch in.
Web Producer: Laura Kittell