'He knows his way': We catch illegal border crosser's journey

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Video by kgun9.com

'He knows his way': We catch illegal border crosser's journey

By Kevin Keen. CREATED May 9, 2013

NOGALES, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - Hundreds of thousands of people cross into the U.S. illegally every year. Thursday, KGUN9 News caught one man’s initially successful attempt on camera from the beginning to the end.

The KGUN9 crew was covering a different story in the city of Nogales, which borders the Mexican state of Sonora.
Just feet away, the video shows a man scaling the 18-foot fence from Mexico’s side then climbing down to the street. He walked away nonchalantly.
No more than 20 feet away from the spot: an official pedestrian entrance, which is about a block away from a major vehicle port of entry, Deconcini.
It's also about a block from where a woman hopped the fence in March with Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, among others, watching.
“That happens every day,” said Oscar Humberto Stevens III, a freelance video production specialist who knows the territory well. He’s originally from the city.
It looked to Stevens like the man -- like many kids and adults -- crosses this way daily.
“He knows his way," he explained. "He knows the path."
“These are people that are either working -- they're doing landscaping, they're doing very minimal paid-cash type of job,” he said, adding the man will go back on his own.
Why does the man act so causal? Why cross here? Border Patrol's said illegal immigrants use the busy streets of Nogales to their advantage. They blend in quickly.
Ultimately, agents find and detain the man about 20 minutes later.
“This is border life,” Oscar Humberto Stevens said.
Border Patrol did not fulfill KGUN9’s request for comment Thursday afternoon on what happened and what will happen next to the man.

Photographer: Jim Pfalzer
Web Producer: Laura Kittell