Dog attacks runner, and it's still on the loose

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Dog attacks runner, and it's still on the loose

By Liz Kotalik. CREATED May 7, 2013

Reporter: Liz Kotalik

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -  On a beautiful, morning run in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood near First Avenue and Agave, panic as two dogs charge Barbara Leinweber out of nowhere Thursday.

"The white one, just passed me and just clamped down on my ankle," Barbara said. "[It] started yanking."

It bit down hard, drawing a lot of blood.

After the dog let go and ran off with the other, Barbara immediately called for help.

"I proceeded to start cussing, and I withdrew my old, Quest cell phone, turned it on, and proceeded to call 9-1-1."

Not wanting to wait for a second attack, she limped to a firehouse down the street, making a lot of noise, hoping someone would hear her.

Not many  people did.

Nine On Your Side spoke to neighbors living near the attack, none heard anything.

We also spoke to Carole DeAngeli of the neighborhood association, who said she only got two calls about the incident.

They both only heard faint cussing in the distance, and couldn't tell whether it was a man or woman.


DeAngeli then sent an email out to the neighborhood, warning neighbors to be on the lookout.
This is the description of the dogs on from the email:


  • The non-aggressive dog was medium-sized, shaggy, terrier-type, mostly dark brown
  • The aggressor dog was mostly white, with brown mottling.  He was about 2’ high at the shoulders, powerfully built, with small, erect ears, similar to a pitbull type.

Jeff Carver with Pima County Animal Care tells us that warning email is generating tips, helping Animal Control hone in on Barbara's attacker.  

"Most of the dog bites that we respond to, the dogs belong to someone," Carver said, and he is looking into a lead in this case that suggests just that.

Animal Control will also be patrolling the neighborhood.

Today, Barbara is okay, but worries other might not fair so well.

"I'm doing this for my neighbor, who might be on a blood thinner. I could have easily bled out."

If you have any information about this attack, please call Pima Animal Care.



Liz Kotalik

Liz Kotalik

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