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"I wasn't going to just let my son go like that": Father on son left in stolen car

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"I wasn't going to just let my son go like that": Father on son left in stolen car

By Alexis Fernandez. CREATED Apr 26, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A father tells us he's still in disbelief after a man stole his vehicle with his child still inside.

It was shortly before 7 a.m., when Juan Ramirez went about his regular morning routine, but today it became a terrifying ordeal.

"On my way to pick up my fiance from work," he said.

He carried his three-year-old son outside to fasten him in his car seat and left the car running, when he went back inside to grab his five-year-old daughter he heard the unexpected.
"I heard the door close and I heard my truck just slam into reverse, so I immediately put my daughter down and I knew something was wrong," he told 9OYS.

Ramirez says he ran outside, saw the man drive away with his child inside so he took off running after his truck down East Glenn Street toward East Monte Vista Drive.

"We drove up and down everywhere," he said.

One eyewitness, Mark Harper says he saw everytyhing from his front yard.

"I saw a vehicle pull up along the curb, didn't think much of it, saw a guy get out and started sprinting down the street away from the vehicle, he said.

Minutes later, Ramirez found his abandoned SUV near about a block away.

"Jumped off the truck just so make sure my son was okay, was in the vehicle luckily, so I just grabbed him, got him out of the car," he said.

His three-year-old startled, but unharmed.

"He realized that my son was probably in the back, and he knew that I was right in back of him, that I wasn't going to just let my son go like that, that easy," he said.

A morning routine, he says, will never be the same.