Tucson area high school goes on lockdown after bomb threat

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Tucson area high school goes on lockdown after bomb threat

By Aaron Brackett. CREATED Apr 22, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Students at Desert View High School went home today after someone threatened to blow up the school. Administrators quickly cleared the building and sent students home for the day. Late this morning  an evacuation announcement was made to over 2,000 students and faculty, and they spent nearly two hours in the late April sun while Tucson Police searched the inside of the school.  

William Felix said most of the students were calm, and the evacuation went smoothly.

"We all went out to the field behind in the back, and we pretty much just sat there for two hours," said Felix. "People then started leaving, then they said go to the buses over there or walk home, we couldn't stay on campus anymore, so we just left."

According to Sunnyside School District, administrators decided to send students home after police said it would take four to six hours to fully sweep the building.

Esther Sherrill has a daughter in 9th grade at Desert View, but says the school's evacuation procedure needs work. "There was nobody out there telling the kids you need to get on these other buses," said Sherrill. "It's a secure closed campus, how are kids able to just walk off campus? The evacuation process, yeah they need to rethink it, my daughter was telling me kids were jumping over the fence."
9 On Your Side got a call from another angry parent saying they didn't get a message, but Sunnyside administrators say their messaging system contacted 2,200 parents and families letting them know of the evacuation.