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Will Boston affect the gun law debate?

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Will Boston affect the gun law debate?

CREATED Apr 20, 2013

Web Producer: Taylor Higgins
Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - After the bombing, an overnight gun battle between police and the suspect...and the final capture last night. 

It's enough to make many people think about their personal safety.
Guns get into the Boston bombing story as the suspects got in a wild gunfight with police. But could Boston affect the gun law debate by making people more concerned about defending themselves or calling for stiffer laws?
Mavy Stoddard's husband died protecting her in Tucson's January 8th mass shooting.
"I wasn't angry over shooting Dory, Stoddard said. "I was probably in shock and I figured it was God's will for some reason that he let him go."
But now she is angry, with Senators who voted down mandatory background checks. She wishes they could see guns as she did.
"I turned and looked directly at the killer as he was pulling the trigger.  Put your wife in that position; and the next time you look in the mirror, think of all the children that died, and that will die from perhaps the gun you said was all right for anybody to buy," Stoddard said. 
While Mavy Stoddard is pleased Senator McCain voted for tougher checks, she's like these demonstrators, angry with Senator Jeff Flake who voted them down.
Today at Black Weapons Armory, Ken Rineer held a drawing for this AR-15 through his group, Gun Owners of Arizona. He says imposing background checks on him buying or selling a gun infringes his rights. 
"We're talking about private property and we're talking about the right to contract," Rineer said.
And while he doesn't see Boston affecting the debate, he predicts it will rage on for years.