Organization gives homeless teens a shot at college

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Organization gives homeless teens a shot at college

CREATED Apr 13, 2013

Reporter: Alexis Fernandez


TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Homeless teens, it's a hidden problem in many communities, including right here in Tucson.

Last year, an organization called "Youth On Their Own" helped more than 1,100 homeless teens with their education and basic needs.

Michael Vazquez, 19, is one of those teens who suddenly found himself living on the street at age 15 after leaving a bad environment at home.    

"It really sucks, don't get me wrong it really does suck," he told 9OYS.

An incredibly harsh lifestyle he wishes on no one.    

"They're kids, they're teenagers, they shouldn't be on their own, shouldn't be trying to figure out where to put their head at night," he said.

Vazquez found a new beginning with YOTO. 

After years of help with school, his dream of going to college is becoming a reality.

On Saturday, he, along with seven other teens, got scholarships presented to them at the organization's annual fundraiser.

"It's such a blessing, it feels amazing to be able to go to a higher education," said Alyssa Snow, another teen.

"My freshmen year of high school, college wasn't even on mind, so after that lifestyle and figuring out education is really important that's when I was like this is really good, really important," said Vazquez.

A dream they believe every teen should have.