Viewers react to Gabby Gifford's husband taking backyard target practice

Viewers react to Gabby Gifford's husband taking backyard target practice

CREATED Apr 9, 2013

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- Former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly remain in the spotlight on the gun control debate. In an CNN interview, they take center stage in an rather questionable setting that's raising a few eyebrows.

It's a rare peek into the personal lives of Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly. But it's this scene that's drawing the most reaction from you -- the viewers.

Mark Kelly is in the backyard taking target practice and not just with any kind of gun. "This is the same kind of gun Gabby was shot with. A Glock -- a 9 millimeter Glock." said Kelly.

Kelly takes aim at clay pots and water bottles as Gabby Giffords and her mother  watch from the patio at one point cheering him on. "Excellent," said Gabby.  "Excellent," says Gabby's mother.

But then there's this startling scene. Gabby's mother said, "Watch he's aiming for my pot -- this is good." Gabby Giffords jumps in her seat after Kelly fires the gun. "Whoa," she said.

We posted the story on KGUN9's facebook page to get reaction  and comments pored in. Most centered on the gun control debate. But plenty KGUN9 viewers reacted to Kelly's backyard target practice. One viewer wrote: "Why shouldn't he? If someone's spouse gets hit by a car, should they stop driving?"  Quite a few didn't see an issue with it -- or think it was a big deal. While another posts: "I feel very sorry for Gabby. Is Kelly torturing Gabby?"

The CNN reporter asks Giffords if she's startled by gunfire. Giffords replied, "No, no." Her husband Mark Kelly added, "I think that's because she doesn't remember the gunshot the day she was injured. You don't remember that?" Giffords answered, "No."

Giffords says she likes to watch her husband shoot targets. The CNN reporter asked Giffords if it her hope to shoot a gun again?" Giffords said, "I don't know."

During the interview, Kelly said that Giffords has tried to hold a gun with her left hand -- and even aim -- and might work her way up to shooting, but she's not in any rush to do that.

It's clear in the CNN story that Giffords and Kelly wanted people to see that she's still a gun enthusiast -- an important point they want to stress as the Senate tackles gun control legislation this week.