Navajo grandmother turns 107

Navajo grandmother turns 107

CREATED Apr 9, 2013

Reporter: Guy Atchley
Web Producer: Laura Kittell

Irene Eskey, a Navajo grandmother also known as “Crystal Woman” turned 107 years old on April 7th.

She still cooks, herds sheep, and her daughter Liz says that she can chop wood – if she has to!

A large party was held in Irene’s honor at the Navajo Reservation, north of Winslow on April 7th... When asked how she lived so long and remain healthy for so long, she said “Hard work and living clean.”

You can read about Irene’s life and the inspiring lessons that she has learned during her 107 years in a new book, just released, called UNCOMMON WISDOM: the Inspiring Lifetime Stories of 12 Extraordinary People.

Local author Thomas Whittingslow has collected the life stories of twelve exceptional people: ranging from a Nobel Prize Winner, to a man who lived for two years hooked to an artificial heart machine. At the end of each story they share the most important lessons that they have learned in life.

UNCOMMON WISDOM: the Inspiring Stories of 12 Extraordinary People should be available on Amazon books by May 1st. However; you can reserve an autographed copy of the book by contacting the author at