"It's definitely a concern": Homeowner on beehive in front yard

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"It's definitely a concern": Homeowner on beehive in front yard

CREATED Apr 6, 2013

Reporter: Alexis Fernandez

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It's springtime, which means the bees are invading southern Arizona.

Duke Standberry and Cat Vigil are starting their spring with an unexpected buzz.

A week ago they discovered a bee hive living inside a tree they had planned to take down in their front yard. 

"It's definitely a concern because we understand that bees are more aggressive these days, there's pets, children," said Vigil.

They were so worried, they called in the beekeepers to take care of the problem.

"We have a lot of walkers here in the neighborhood as well, so we want to keep everybody safe, including ourselves," said Standberry.

A job that isn't easy, so we went to the experts to find out how to get rid of these critters. 

9OYS' Alexis Fernandez asked: "Are we seeing any more bees than usual?"

"No, just as many as last year, two years ago had hard frost, killed a lot of hives, now we're seeing them come back, and come back at full strength," said Joshua Tennenbaum, with Arizona Pest Control.

He says bees love to hide in open spaces, like furniture, and suggests homeowners cover up any cracks in their homes.   

But the best advice if you're worried, call the experts.