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The cell phone celebrates its 40th year

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The cell phone celebrates its 40th year

CREATED Apr 3, 2013

Reporter: Chris Miracle

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It never leaves your side, or your ear. Calling, texting, downloading apps -- what would we do without our smart phones?

On Wednesday, the cell phone celebrates 40 candles on the cake.

The iPhone is merely an infant to the first cell phones.

On April 3rd 1973, Marty Cooper, a Motorola Engineer made history with the first cell phone call.

He used the Motorola Dyna Tac 8000x.

Robert Nissenbaum, owner of Blue Ridge Wireless has a time capsule of cell phones.

"We have gone from a basic telephone with limited battery life usability and range to full fledged computers," he said.