Border Patrol furloughs on hold

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Border Patrol furloughs on hold

CREATED Apr 2, 2013

Web Producer: Sara Wright

WASHINGTON, DC (KGUN9 TV) - Furloughs for Border Patrol agents are now on hold, according to memo distributed Monday.

On March 1, a series of automatic cuts to federal spending, known as sequestration, went into effect. The cuts were expected to force Border Patrol to slash overtime, and furlough agents 14 days a year.

The memo doesn't get into specifics about how U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which oversees Border Patrol, will be able to rework its budget to avoid slashing hours and related pay for agents, but Thomas S. Winkowski, CBP's deputy commissioner, addressed the postponement generally.

"As you are aware, President Obama last week signed into law an appropriations bill that funded CBP for this fiscal year. I have been working closely with our budget office in analyzing the bill," Winkowski wrote. "Although the budget reductions imposed by sequestration are significant, the bill's provisions allow CBP to mitigate to some degree the impacts of the reduced budget on operations and on CBP's workforce."

In a related statement issued on Monday, Border Patrol spokesperson Jenny Burke said that the agency "continues to assess the exact impact the legislation will have on our operations and our workforce."