UPDATE: Bolger apologizes to council member after police release video of night of drinking


UPDATE: Bolger apologizes to council member after police release video of night of drinking

CREATED Apr 1, 2013 - UPDATED: Apr 5, 2013

Reporter: Marcelino Benito
Web Producer: Sara Wright

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Another drunken scandal rocking the Tucson City Council, but this time it's not a councilman, but his chief of staff and what police say she did that has everyone talking.

Tucson Police released to KGUN9 a video taken by officers on scene as Katie Bolger, who worked for Councilman Paul Cunningham, argues with officers after almost getting hit by a police car.

It all happened on a drunken walk home.

"People don't normally talk like that unless they're intoxicated," said one woman.

Bolger really lets loose on the cop who stops to help.

According to the police report she says:

"F**** you, you mother f****, you almost hit me."

You may remember Cunningham got into a little drunken trouble himself on a taxpayer funded trip to San Diego. Now his top aide tells Tucson cops to:

"Protect the f***** town,  you mother f****."

And she's quick to mention her boss' name.

"Do you know who I am? she asks police. "I am council member Cunningham's chief of staff," she says.

Bolger also quick to express concern about police shortages saying:

"We don't have enough  money to respond to burglaries or car acidents, but we have time to respond to f***** jaywalkers."

Councilman Steve Kozachik is responding to the news. He tells 9OYS he believes a very public apology is warranted.

Bolger was ultimately arrested and booked into the Pima County Jail. Her boss, Councilman Cunningham tells 9OYS he is on it, will handle this internally and take appropriate steps.

On Friday, the President of the Tucson Police Officer's Association, Bill Bonanno, posted this statement on Facebook:

Despite all the media attention that has been brought forward about this incident, Katie Bolger, Chief of Staff for Councilman Paul Cunningham, sits at home not remorseful about her actions one bit.

I say that based on the fact that today marks the 13th day since this incident occurred. Katie up to this point, has failed to make a statement or apology of any type to the officers that she insulted that evening, the police department, the citizens of this community or the Ward 2 office that she works for.

It is obvious that Katie has a problem and I sincerely hope that she gets the help that she so desperately needs.

Unfortunately though, based on Katie's actions and failure to own up to responsibility, I find it impossible for her to remain in the current position as Chief of Staff for Councilman Cunningham. I realize that Councilman Cunningham would like to deal with this internally and can sympathize with his reasoning for not wanting to fire Katie. However, if Katie has Councilman Cunningham's best interest at heart, she will recognize what she needs to do and resign her position.

Friday, April 5, Bolger issued an apology to Cunningham. Her apology reads: 

CM Cunningham,

As you know, I was arrested on Friday March 22 for jaywalking. On Sunday morning, the 24th, I called Chief Villasenor to offer my apologies for my unprofessional conduct towards his officers.   I relayed to the Chief that I have the utmost respect for him, not just in his official capacity, but also on an individual level.  I have enjoyed a good working relationship with him in the past and hope the my poor judgement will not damage that moving forward.

He thanked me for the call and said he would relay the statement to his officers.

I did not wish to make my statement to the Chief public after it hit the press because, I felt that it would seem insincere after the fact. 

I have been instructed not to talk to the press and that you are dealing with my conduct internally.

If you feel that if it is in the best interest of your office, please forward this e-mail to the appropriate parties.

Thank you,

Katie Bolger
Chief of Staff, Ward 2
Councilman Paul Cunningham