9OYS Consumer Watch: Dealing with a damaged Redbox rental

9OYS Consumer Watch: Dealing with a damaged Redbox rental

CREATED Mar 20, 2013

Reporter: Justin Schecker

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It's movie night. You're either on a date or getting ready to watch the latest family flick with the kids.

You pop in the disc and instead of showtime, something's not right. After realizing its either blank or damaged, what do you do?

A 9 On Your Side viewer contacted us because she ran into this problem with a Redbox rental.

As video rental stores struggle to stay open, RedBox rental kiosks seem to pop up on every corner. Even with the latest releases, reasonable prices, and an easy to navigate touch screen, some customers prefer renting from the comforts of their couch. 

"Every once and a while I just go to the Cox On Demand," Dee Roberto said. 

"So much more convenient then having to rely on an actual disc?" 9 On Your Side asked. 

"Correct," Roberto said. "And having to return it and remembering that."

While no one has filed a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau, spokesperson Nick LaFleur said that's not the case in other parts of the country.

"Consumers allege they were charged late fees when they shouldn't have," LaFleur said. "Overcharged late fees."

LaFleur said the Chicago BBB is handling those complaints.

While last week Redbox had an "F" rating, LaFleur told 9 On Your Side right now there's no rating now because the two sides are working out issues. 

Our viewer reached out to 9 On Your Side because someone replaced her rental with a phony disc.

"In those cases, the best thing to do is contact Redbox and try to resolve it that way," LaFleur said.

So 9 On Your Side reached out to Redbox and spoke directly to a customer service rep. She said as long as someone reports a bad disc, Redbox will remove it. 

"The machine reads the bar code and knows that this movie is unplayable and it's taken out of circulation so no one else is going be able to rent a bad disc," the customer service rep said. 

"So someone has to report a bad disc for it to get taken out of the box," 9 On Your Side asked. 

"Exactly," the customer service rep said. 

Just like restocking new releases, Redbox employees will clear out the bad discs once a week. If you do report a damaged or missing disc, Redbox will provide you a promo code for a free one-night rental. 

LaFleur said file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if you have issues with any rental service.