Final goodbyes to 10-year-old Tucson boy

Final goodbyes to 10-year-old Tucson boy

CREATED Mar 10, 2013 - UPDATED: Mar 11, 2013

Reporter: Cory Marshall

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Friends are saying their final goodbyes to a boy they say had so much life to live. At the tender age of 10, Johnny Cataline's life was violently cut short and the most devastating part is that police say his own mother is to blame.  

Johnny Cataline was taken off life support at UAMC early last month. Police say this tragedy started with his mother, Jean Cataline, who they say strangled him with a common household electrical cord.

The people closest to him are saying goodbye and sharing their memories with KGUN9.

17-year-old Breay Davis, Johnny's friend, said, "I remember him as this quiet little curious guy. Yeah, he wanted to know everything."

Davis still calls Johnny her little brother.  "I want people to know that Johnny was a good little brother. He's the little brother that every big sister asks for."

The two weren't blood related but the 10-year-old she says always had a question -- was family.

"My son's will never say, mom we're going to Johnnies again," said Sarah Robinson met Johnny four years ago. She and her children lived next door to the Catalines. She says Johnny instantly became a big part of their lives and now her children are adjusting to life without their longtime friend.

"He just loved and laughed and showed emotions and rode on his bike and swan in the pool and lived life and he was a happy boy," said Robinson.

Still greiving, Robinson says she wants people to reflect on who Johnny was -- rather than focusing on how he died.   

"Sometimes I like to pretend like he's going to come back. Like, it feel like maybe he's not gone like this isn't real like I'm going to wake up any moment. It's just hard imagining that he's 10 years old and he'e just gone from all of our lives," said Robinson.

Johnny's family is in the Phillipines. He does have an older brother, but friends said his brother was not emotionally ready to attend the memorial.