"He's a professional predator"; Self defense expert's advice following attempted abduction

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"He's a professional predator"; Self defense expert's advice following attempted abduction

CREATED Feb 22, 2013

Reporter: Maggie Vespa

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -    'Professional predator.'

It is a phrase that will send chills down almost anyone's spine, and it's how someone in the know describes a creep lurking out there right now.
This after police say a woman was nearlly abducted late Sunday morning near University and 3rd.
So who is this person, and how can you protect yourself from becoming his next target?
Self defense expert Jeffrey Prather calls it 'threat level orange'.
It's your gut's way of telling you something or someone isn't quite right.
"They won't give you good eye contact, or if there speech is nonsensical or blurred," he said.
Those are possibly signs noticed by the victim, who, when asked by a stranger driving a white SUV, didn't get in the car.
Bravo, says Prather.
"Once you're in the car, you're in his environment and you're in a lot of trouble."
Minutes later Sunday morning, the attacker returned on foot, grabbed her and carried her to a nearby alley.
Prather is the owner of Tucson's Warrior School and a longtime teacher of women's self defense.
He says the victim's screams saved her life.
"He can only do his evil deed until someone shows up," said Prather. " Anything she can do to draw attention to herself is best."
Sunday, screams were enough.  Police say the attacker dropped the victim and ran.
Prather says too often, that's not the case.
He shows me his best self defense moves and biggest misconceptions.
Most women think, "To use my keys, I should make a fist, holding one between your index and middle finger."
Prather says, that is wrong.
"This is a very fragile area of skin here.  This will hurt you," he said, bending the key back.
Instead, hold it like you would when starting the ignition.
"Now you just apply that tip and rub it back and forth," he said, demonstrating how you would dig the key into the attacker's hand.
He also says, many women think when fighting a man, go for the groin, but that's a small target, and kicking throws you off balance.
Prather recommends aiming lower.
"Take your right foot, and step where my ankle meets my leg, and just start walking," he said.
This either breaks the attacker's ankle or, more likely, breaks his footing.
Finally, instead of punching or even eye gouching, go for the throat.
All advice Prather says gives you a much better chance of disarming your attacker, and making it home alive.
Prather also dispelled some safety-prop myths.
Number one: pepper spray.
He says too often, it's far less powerful than you think and only makes the attacker angry.
Number two: rape whistles.
He says by the time you find it and use it, it could be too late.