Protestors demand end to Operation Streamline

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Protestors demand end to Operation Streamline

CREATED Feb 19, 2013

Reporter: Cory Marshall

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Tuesday afternoon, dozens of protesters demanded an end to Operation Streamline. Under the Bush-era policy, enacted in 2005, any person caught crossing the border illegally will face federal criminal charges. Opponents call it costly and in-humane.

"I'm just really upset about all the people that are being deported. I think the administration is putting on a very happy face but a false face about being all for immigrants and fairness for immigrants," protester Frank De La Cruz told 9OYS's Cory Marshall.

Shackled and standing together, protesters staged a mock Operation Streamline court proceeding on the sidewalk.

One of the chained, protester Keiler Beers saw the policy in action last Spring.

"I felt that as an American, as a taxpayer [and] as a youth that I had a responsibility to be down here and show my protest for something that flies in the fact of everything I believe in," Keiler said.

Last year, Tucsonan Jeanette Arnquist also sat in on a streamline court proceeding. Moved by the experience, she participated on Tuesday as a protester.

"Now, I'm looking at it from my perspective and it was so far beneath what I think the United States should be," Arnquist said.

"There are laws regarding legal entry here. Do you think that people should not be charged at all for illegally entering the country? 9OYS's Cory Marshall asked Arnquist.

"I think we need immigration reform. I think we need comprehensive immigration reform. We are holding up on the one hand a sign that says, 'Bienvenidos a todos!  We have lots of work here please come in! Oh, but don't get caught,'" Arnquist continued.