Miscommunication and broken promises

Miscommunication and broken promises

CREATED Feb 19, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Angry parents. Heartbroken kids.  Laid-off workers.  What really happened between CPS and its child visitation contractors in December?  When CPS leaders decided to duck cameras and hide behind written statements, 9 On Your Side went looking for answers.  And now we have them.

You  may recall the problems erupted when CPS cut off the flow of money to vendors such as Aviva, which specializes in arranging supervised visits for troubled families.  The cutoff forced Aviva to lay off employees and cancel visits between children and their parents, just in time for the holidays.  Panicked parents called 9 On Your Side.  We began investigating.  Then CPS changed its mind, chalking it all up to a "misunderstanding."

What kind of misunderstanding?  That's when the CPS camera ducking began. 

Public officials can and sometimes do run from questions, but they can't always hide from their own internal documents, which are public record. Taking advantage of Arizona's public records law, KGUN9 News was able to obtain a thick stack of those documents.  9 On Your Side Investigator Craig Smith has spent days combing through those records in an effort to find out what caused this bureaucratic bungle, and whether CPS has taken any steps to keep it from happening again.  His investigation found a trail of missed cues, ignored warnings and broken promises.

Watch his story Wednesday night, February 20, on KGUN9 News at 10.