Pedestrian problem: Two pedestrians struck and killed in two days

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Pedestrian problem: Two pedestrians struck and killed in two days

CREATED Feb 12, 2013

Reporter: Cory Marshall

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Two pedestrians. Two deaths. Two days. Tucson police say Monday night a 58-year-old man was struck and killed while crossing southbound on West Fort Lowell Rd. near North Castro. Just two days earlier, on Saturday, police say another pedestrian was struck and killed. This time, the 50-year-old was attempting to walk northbound on West 22nd Street near South 8th Avenue.

"[Pedestrian safety] is one of our biggest problems. The concern speaks for itself. You see people everyday jaywalking," TPD Motor Officer Adam Rodriguez said.

"I'm here parked here with my bike. They're going to see me. Everybody is going to do the right thing but when I leave everybody is going to go back to the norm and cut across," Rodriguez continued.

That's exactly what happened. Nine On Your Side tagged along with Officer Rodriguez while patrolling for jaywalkers.

Within minutes, we found our first jaywalker at Grant and Alvernon. It's important to point out that the area, known for heavy pedestrian traffic, has a four-way crosswalk. 

Nine on Your Side asked jaywalker James Tate, "Why he jaywalked?"

"I thought it was easier to just cross the street to catch the bus," Tate told 9OYS's Cory Marshall.

Literally seconds later and just a few feet away, we caught another jaywalker.

"The thing is the crosswalks are placed in the areas where there is more danger and if you want to cross safely you need to go to the crosswalk. It's as simple as that," Rodriguez said.