Bill would bar Ariz. SOS from candidate committee

Bill would bar Ariz. SOS from candidate committee

CREATED Feb 10, 2013

Web Producer: Taylor Higgins

PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona's chief elections officer doubled as the head of one of the presidential nominees' state campaign committees in the last two presidential elections.

It raised eyebrows that the dual role could be a conflict of interest. Now, a bill has been introduced in the Arizona Senate would bar that from happening again.

The Arizona Republic reports that under terms of the bill, the Arizona secretary of state could not serve as an officer of any candidate's campaign committee if that candidate is running in an election the secretary of state would oversee.

The bill's sponsor is Democratic state Sen. Robert Meza of Phoenix.

He says it's a way to ensure that election oversight isn't biased.

The Senate Elections Committee will consider the bill on Tuesday.

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