'Who does things like this?': Second puppy found in park trash can

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'Who does things like this?': Second puppy found in park trash can

CREATED Feb 5, 2013 - UPDATED: Feb 6, 2013

Reporter: Maggie Vespa
Web Producer: Mekita Rivas, Ina Ronquillo

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - We have what may be an appalling pattern of animal cruelty.

When someone found a puppy in a trash bin last month, animal lovers were enraged.

Well, brace yourself.

Humane Society directors say Monday a second puppy was found abandoned in a park trash can.

This time, the hunt is on for whoever is responsible.

Oscar was the first.

Last month, good samaritans found a precious pit bull pup, tossed in the trash at Tucson's Reid Park.

Volunteers at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona cleaned him up and put him up for adoption.

Monday, just before Oscar's new owners came to claim him, a would-be happy ending, word broke.

It had happened again.

"Workers had found her at Kennedy Park, down at Ajo Mission in a trash can," said Teresa Truelsen, of the Humane Society.

That makes two pups, callously cast into cold metal cans, in four weeks.

9OYS reporter Maggie Vespa asked, "What goes through your minds, and do you think, your coworkers minds when you hear that this has happened?" 

Truelsen responded, "Well, who does things like this?  Who would do something like this to this sweet little girl?"

In need of yet another name, workers picked "Kennedy", in honor of the place from which she was plucked.

And this time, they say the stakes for this sweet and frighteningly skinny girl were much higher.

"In this case, it's no just someone not wanting a dog anymore.  They obviously did not care for her for some time," she said.

Because of her emaciated state, authorities are stepping in, asking for help, offering rewards in the hunt for the cold-hearted human capable of such a crime.

It's a needed step, say Humane Society workers, who worry more adorable dogs may fall victim to cruel copy cats.

"People just don't think, and they look at animals and think of them as something they can throw away, and it's absolutely not the case," said Truelsen.

You can help authorities find the person who tossed Kennedy in the trash.

One way is by calling in an anonymous tip to 88-CRIME, or leaving one on their website, www.88crime.org.

They are the ones offering that reward of $1,000.

You can also call the Animal Cruelty Taskforce of Southern Arizona Anonymous Reporting Line at (520) 547-0260.

Meanwhile, if you have a pet you can't care for, there are several safe places you can take it.  Those include:

Humane Society of Southern Arizona

3450 N. Kelvin Road

Pima Animal Care Center

4000 N. Silverbell Road