Familes hold search for missing girls

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Familes hold search for missing girls

CREATED Feb 2, 2013

Reporter: Cory Marshall

TUCSON(KGUN9-TV) - Two little girls from two different families -- taken.

Saturday at Reid Park, those two families combined search efforts in hopes of bringing their little girls home.

Richter Lewis' daughter, Ella Lovemore, is less than two weeks away from her first birthday. The birthday is not just a milestone, it's a goal -- a goal to get Ella back home in time to celebrate.

"I love her so much. She knows I'm looking for her," Lewis told 9OYS.

Ella has been missing since January 27. Police say her mom took off with the 11-month-old during a supervised visit.

Twenty-one-year-old Anna Oddo knows firsthand the heartache Lewis is suffering.

"It's nice to know that there's another family out there that knows what's going on. It's not just me," Oddo said.

Oddo's two-year-old daughter, Caroline, has been missing since November 25. Tucson Police believe she is with her father, Luis Palacio.

"It hurts me that I've missed Christmas, that I've missed her birthday," Oddo continued.

According to TPD, Luis Palacio is Danielle Lovemore's boyfriend. Police say there is a strong possibility the two, along with little Caroline and Ella, are together -- somewhere.

"[I hope] more people are looking for two little girls [and] that people realize this isn't just their parents taking them. It's people taking them from parents," Oddo said.

Fighting to find their little girls, Richter and Anna have been passing out joint flyers. Family members and volunteers have also joined in the search efforts.

"Just please bring Caroline and Ella home and keep them safe please," Caroline's grandmother, Mary Oddo said. 

A $1000 reward each is being offered for any information that leads to the children's return.