Mysterious, purple orbs: New developments!

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Mysterious, purple orbs: New developments!

CREATED Feb 1, 2013

Reporter: Liz Kotalik 

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - After seeing our story about the purple orbs on Thursday, Daniel Bartels gave us a call. He was confident that the water beads he and his company, Canopy Corner, sell are the ones Gerardine Vargas found in Vail's desert on Sunday.

"I distribute them, I sell them, I do craft shows," Bartels said. "So, when we saw them, I figured I'd give you a call and let you know exactly what it was that you guys were looking at out in the desert."

He says he sold his beads to many customers in Quartzite and the Tucson Street Fair, and, as someone very familiar with the product, he agreed with our viewers that our mysterious spheres are essentially just water capsules.

Not aliens.

But, we've invested too much time into this story to just trust Daniel and let this all go. Plus, what if they were actually alien eggs?

It's probably in everyone's best interest if we find out, right?

So, we traveled back to Vail to compare the two beads, and they're definitely not an exact match.

We took a sample of the desert orbs, and will take them to the University of Arizona's Cooperative Extension next week to get some answers.

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