Knocked unconscious on the school bus: Mom wants to know how it could happen

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Knocked unconscious on the school bus: Mom wants to know how it could happen

CREATED Jan 31, 2013 - UPDATED: Feb 1, 2013

Reporter: Marcelino Benito

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - What would you do if a bully knocked your child unconscious on the school bus? As a parent it's something you hope never happens, but one Tucson mother says it happened to her son. She's demanding answers from TUSD, but getting few. She asked 9OYS to investigate.

"Are you worried about your son's safety?" asked 9OYS reporter Marcelino Benito. "I'm terrified, just terrified," replied Jennifer, the boy's mother.

What happened on a ride home from Vesey Elementary last Tuesday has snatched that sense of security. Jennifer says her 2nd grader got beat up by another student on the bus.

"The kid continued to punch my son in the face," Jennifer said. "My first grader had to pull him off and wake his brother up."

"So you're saying your son was knocked unconscious?" asked Benito. "Yes, knocked unconscious," said Jennifer.

She tells 9OYS this wasn't the first time her son had been bullied and hurt. She went to the school for answers and a solution, but says she got nowhere.

"That's why I came to you guys, I don't know what else to do," said Jennifer.

So 9OYS made some calls to find out what exactly was going on. The school's principal agreed to answer our questions on camera, but minutes before our camera arrived at the school, that interview was shut down by the school district.

Then we tried talking to TUSD's transportation director. But the district had no comment except for this statement:

"The safety and well being of our students is a priority for TUSD. The Transportation Department has procedures in place to protect our students while they are on the school bus to ensure they are safely transported to and from home. Any incident or activity that may imperil student safety is immediately and thoroughly investigated. The district cannot comment on open investigations."

So 9OYS took that message back to Jennifer.

"What do you think?" asked Benito.

"I think it's a load of B.S. to be honest," said Jennifer. "I would expect them to do for me what they would do if it was their own child."

She's a mother worried about her son, now anxious every time he has to hop on that school bus.

"Are you scared things could escalate?" asked Benito.

"I am and that's exactly what I told the principal, he choked my son last year, he knocked him out this year, what is he going to do stab him next?" replied Jennifer.

The family says the District's told them there is a camera system on board that bus route. They have asked to see that video and so has 9OYS. At this point it's unclear when or if we'll get a chance to look at it.