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Thief steals familiar covered wagon

Crandell found the metal frame for the covered wagon in the alley

Thief steals familiar covered wagon

CREATED Jan 30, 2013

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- She calls herself the wagon lady. You may have seen Torey Crandell pulling a covered wagon full of kids along Wilmot and Broadway. Something she's done for 18 years. She's even gotten national attention for her daily wagon rides. But now she can't do that anymore, because someone stole the wagon. And she called 9 on your side in hopes you can help her get it back.

A covered wagon is not uncommon in Tucson, but it becomes special when there's a story behind it. Torey Crandell's covered wagon has become a part of Tucson's backdrop --a  site enjoyed by thousands of passersby for decades -- and once featured in The Farmer's Almanac.

"I'm usually waved at, honked at, and have a great time," said Crandell.

As well as the kids in tow. She came up with the idea to cover the wagon to make their adventures more enjoyable. "So they wouldn't get hurt with sun. So it's a little warm in the winter time because it works like a tent," said Crandell.

Torey always parked the wagon in front of her house. No one touched it, until last weekend.
"So they took the wagon over the weekend. We didn't realize it," said Crandell>

The entire wagon and the metal frame were gone. The only items the thief didn't take -- the  small storage trailer that carried spare tires and tools.

The good news is that Torey was able to recover some of the items stolen. The metal frame was found in an alley near her home and tools she used to fix the wagon were found in a trash bin. But those items don't get her rolling along the trail again. She needs the wagon.

"We've been trying to pull together pieces of wagons that we've had in the past. We're seeing if we can put something back together," said Crandell.

Torey filed a police report, but for now the daily covered wagon adventures that she, the kids, and the city have enjoyed for decades is on hold.

"I'm sure we're missed out there and we definately miss all the people out there," said Crandell.