Cochise County warns residents about phone scam

Cochise County warns residents about phone scam

CREATED Jan 24, 2013

Web Producer: Rikki Mitchell

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Three residents in Cochise County have reported being victims of a phone scam where the caller tries to get personal information.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels wants to warn residents about this possible scam where callers say they are from a company like Microsoft, and the callers ask for user names and passwords to get on to the resident's computer.

Three separate people reported these scam calls to the sheriff's office, and of the three, one person provided the caller the information requested before contacting the sheriff's.

Several support service providers such as Quest and HP Arizona have advised the sheriff's office that they have heard of this scam as well.

Sheriff Dannels warns to never give out any information to people to call you requesting personal information, passwords or any other identifying information.

KGUN9's Kevin Keen first reported on this phone scam in November of last year.