CBP makes largest pot bust in Arizona history

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CBP makes largest pot bust in Arizona history

CREATED Jan 22, 2013

Reporter: Alexis Fernandez

NOGALES, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - U.S. Customs and Border Protection showcased 14,000 pounds of marijuana seized at the Mariposa Port of Entry at a news conference on Tuesday.  The drugs are estimated at $7 million.

The marijuana was discovered by Border Protection officers during a high risk shipment inspection on January 15.

According to Guadalupe Ramirez, a Port Director with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, this seizure was the largest.
"This is the biggest shipment of narcotics... marijuana that has been seized in Arizona, any of the ports of Arizona," he said.

Authorities say the narcotics were inside of boxes disguised in a semi-truck.

"When the load came through it was documented as just metal, however as you know the concealment of these types of narcotics start long before the truck arrives here," he said.

The 600 bundles were wrapped in plastic weighing about 25-30 pounds.

"A lot time you get these shipments, they can be anything from electronic to medical supplies, they come up in boxes, a truck full of boxes," he said.

9OYS's Alexis Fernandez asked Edith Serrano, a spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection what this will mean for the community?

"The fact that's it's off the streets, huge success, to take these drugs off the streets, not only safer for the community to have off the street but it's also putting a dent in the pockets of those trying to get it across," she said.

Officers say because of the peak of produce shipments underway, more seizures like this could be discovered.

A 26-year-old Mexican man accused of driving the truck is was questioned and released.