Tucsonans Together: Obama Inauguration on the big screen at the Loft

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Video by kgun9.com

Tucsonans Together: Obama Inauguration on the big screen at the Loft

CREATED Jan 21, 2013

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- On the big screen at the Loft Cinema - the announcement "The president of the United States. Barrack H. Obama" brought cheers from the crowd. An historic moment began shared by Tucsonans of all ages in the packed house at the Loft Cinema.

Clinton Rice: "All the seats were full and it just felt great to be united in that moment."
Joan Ryan: "I came out because i think it's important to share this monumental event and I wanted my son to be here to witness it as well."

As did Debbie Mabie, who hoped to give her two children a bigger than life teaching moment.
5th grader Clark Mabie: " I liked when he talked about rights for everybody."
KGUN9 reporter Valerie Cavazos asked 3rd grader Martha Mabie what she thought of Obama's speech. She answered, "I was actually asleep."

Even through the collective clapping and cheering from the crowd, particularly when President Obama addressed the polarizing politics and issues that have divided much of the nation.

Noah Horton: "I was excited to see him address the issue of climate change for such a long period of time."
Cavazos:  "Was there something you hoped he addressed that he didn't?"
Horton: "No, I think he covered his basis pretty well."

Elizabeth Baskett: "I thought the themes of equality in the speech were really pronounced and I appreciate that."

Cavazos asked 4th grader Janelle Grant 4th grade: "What was something that Obama said that you really liked.?" 
Janelle: "I liked how he said he was going to change schools and learn."

But as obama begins his second term with the opportunity to make it more historic, he's facing some of the same challenges that he struggled with during this first term.

Elizabeth Baskett: "I think he's going to have a hard time with energy. There are a lot of forces in our nation that are going to fight him."

Corrine Matesich: "I was happy to see him talk about global warming, social issues, equality, healthcare. This is why so many young people voted for Obama."

Cavazos asked Noah Horton: "If you were to use a word to describe his efforts in moving forward, what would that be?"
Horton: Ambitious. I don't think that it's something that's especially easy."

Lareen Lewis: "I think it's going to be a difficult time but he'll do as much as he can." 

Elizabeth Baskett: "And i'm going to watch him and I think he's going to get as far as he possibly can with those issues."

Valerie Cavazos asked Joan Ryan, "What resonated with you?" She answered, "Oh my goodness. What didn't."

So it was expected -- as President Obama finished his nearly 20 minute speech -- the crowd lifted from their seats -- as  Beyonce belted out the star spangled banner and brought the inauguration ceremony to a close.

Tim Fuller said: 'You think why am I standing up in a movie theatre. There's just a screen there, but we all are together and we do it not for the screen, but for each other. It's a pretty wonderful thing."