Heaters breaking down in freezing temps

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Heaters breaking down in freezing temps

CREATED Jan 14, 2013

 Reporter: Liz Kotalik 

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Steve Badart woke up Sunday morning to a freezing home without any running water.

"I couldn't take a shower, couldn't make coffee, couldn't wash my hands, couldn't do anything with the water gone."
Although he has lived in Tucson since 1970, Steve has never been through a cold spell like this before, and was not sure how to prepare.
"A hard freeze is pretty rare," Steve said. "And it probably took a lot of people by surprise."
But some have become very familiar with problems like Steve's. John, a service technician with Russet Southwest, was called to Steve's house on Sunday.
"We've been very busy," Steve said. "We do have a 24 hour service line, and we've had a few extra techs come in for the cold weather."
Steve's old, mercury thermostat couldn't keep up with the cold, and he had not wrapped his pipes outside.
John came in to replace the thermostat and inspect steve's unit, and he is recommending others do the same.
"The furnaces are working overtime, and just pay attention to it and make sure everything seems normal."
As for those pipes, Steve was told to wrap them up, and once he did, the water was back by noon.
Easy fixes, but Steve hopes other can learn from his mistakes.
"Tonight, tomorrow and the next couple nights, it's going to be freezing again," Steve said. "So, if you haven't got it done, go do it."