Miracle on 31st Street brings smile to thousands of kids

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Miracle on 31st Street brings smile to thousands of kids

CREATED Dec 22, 2012

Web Producer: Taylor Higgins 
Reporter: Cory Marshall

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Children and their families woke up early this morning to get in line for the 42nd annual Miracle on 31st Street. 

KGUN9's Cory Marshall was also up early to watch as a Christmas wish came true for thousands of children. 

Organizers of Miracle on 31st Street told KGUN9 that after last night's broadcast, expressing the need for toy donations, the gifts flooded in.

Last night organizers had only counted approximately 2,100 toys, but as of this morning they had over 8,000.

They're slightly short of the 10,000 gift goal, but think they will have enough gifts for every child that walks through the gate. 

Ramon Gonzales started Miracle on 31st Street 42 years ago. Back then, his goal was to hand out a few gifts to neighborhood children. Today, it's the same concept with a much bigger outreach.

With four decades of giving under his belt, Gonzales has a new goal.

"God willing, if I could do it. I wish I could make it up to my 50th year," Gonzales said.

Looking toward the sky Gonzales continued, "That's my goal but it's up to Him up there."

Gonzales credits the community, with a special 'thank you' to 9OYS viewers, who he says helped pull off this latest "Miracle on 31st Street."