Huge gathering to honor high school athlete killed in crash

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Huge gathering to honor high school athlete killed in crash

CREATED Dec 17, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

VAIL, Ariz (KGUN9-TV) - The death of another young man in a terrible accident brought about 1,000 people to a vigil Monday night to honor his memory.
Grayson Weeks was the quarterback for Empire High School in Vail. He died in a traffic accident over the weekend.

On Monday night, the booth where fans would buy tickets to watch Grayson Weeks and his teammates play, was a place to pick up tissues and candles for the vigil to honor his memory.
About 1,000 students, teachers and parents circled a large number fifteen on the field, the number Grayson wore as he played quarterback for Empire High.
There, they remembered the young man as a great athlete -- and a fine friend, lost now, to a traffic accident.
Matt Donaldson is Empire's principal.

"It's hard to see so many people hurting today but it's because so many people loved Grayson," Donaldson said. 
Candles lit the football field usually bright with stadium lights, and with the personality of the player they came to remember.
Grayson Weeks teammates feel they've lost a part of their family.

Nick Lakosky says, "He was a brother to us all so we got a playoff football for him, a game he helped us win -- blood, sweat and tears with him -- got a picture of him doing what he loves."
They presented those items to his family, along with his jersey.
Some friends printed special jerseys of their own, with his initials, framed by the wings on an angel.

Jennifer Herrera wore one of the special jerseys. She says, "He always wanted to make everyone happy and he always wanted to be there for everyone and I think it's our time to show him that we're there for him and no matter what happens, he's going to be in our hearts and we'll always love him and care for him."

David Watson is another friend who says, "He lived a great life; hope that he does good in heaven."

Grayson Weeks friends have set up a fund to help his family with funeral expenses. You can contribute through any Vantage West Credit Union.